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A Club dedicated to the Marvel X-Men character Blink.
Founded 11 Years ago
Oct 30, 2006

North America

Group Focus
Fan Club

136 Members
188 Watchers
26,536 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Blink by RenanTDuarte
Blink and Nocturne by BrianReber
Blink! by digital-vox
Blink by agifarclor
Clarice Ferguson (color) by Rayner80
X-men Days of Future Past by Num1XMN
Blink by VolodyaNocturne
Ah, Young Love by sentinel28a
Age of Apocalypse Redux: Blink + Dengeki by RGR! by Estonius
Blink by JessLewis
Blink sketch by FallingStarDusk
Amazing Marvel Ladies - Blink by chocolatejunkie
Cartoon Motion by TheActress23
Blink llama by SoVeryUnofficial
Blink by Central-Cali-Custom
My Desktop by dracine
Photo Manip
Blink by Biohaz-Daddy
Marvel 70th anniversary 22 by robomonkey147
Blink by RichBernatovech
Blink by PsifiGirl
WOM Blink by 00QuothTheRaven00
Blink AOA - Sketch Card by J-Redd
Character 11 - Blink by pigsofdoom
Blinks Children OC
Exiles The End: Young Blood by MisterFerv
Exile by Hidden-Traveler
Marvel Campaign: Shadow by Droemar
Blink Collab by verauko
Age_of_Apocalypse_Entry by timtilley
Blink by Bill Maus by Mythical-Mommy

Mature Content

Blink by Mythical-Mommy
X-Men Micros Wave 5 by dracine
616 Blink is set to appear in the next New Mutants comic.…

Anyone have any ideas on how to make this club more active?
For my part I am going to try to work on doing more Blink art.
More Journal Entries


616 Blink:
Phalnax Covenant Part 2
Phalnax Covenant Part 3 Uncanny X-Men 317
Phalnax Covenant Part 4 X-Men 37
What If Blink of Generation X Had Not Died

Age of Apocalypse:
X-Men Alpha Ashcan (AOA Preview)
Tales From The Age of Apocalypse
X-Men Chronicles 1
X-men Alpha
Astonishing X-Men 1
Astonishing X-Men 2
Astonishing X-Men 3
Astonishing X-Men 4
Amazing X-Men 4
X-Men Omega
Astonishing X-Men Trade gold foil cover (sketch in the back of the book)
What If The Age of Apocalypse Had Not Ended (cover only)
AOA 10th Anniversary One Shot (pin in the back only)
Offical Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Age of Apocalypse
Blink 1
Blink 2
Blink 3
Blink 4

Exiles 1
Exiles 2
Exiles 3
Exiles 4
Exiles 6
Exiles 7
Exiles 13
Exiles 14
Exiles 17
Exiles 19
Exiles 22 (Blink leaves becuase her job is done)
X-Men Unlimited 41
Exiles 43 (Blink returns to replace the fallen Sunfire)
Exiles 44
Exiles 45
Exiles 46
Exiles 47
Exiles 48
Exiles 49
Exiles 50
Exiles 51
Exiles 52
Exiles 53
Exiles 54
Exiles 55
Exiles 56
Exiles 57
Exiles 58
Exiles 59
Exiles 60
Exiles 61
Exiles 62
Exiles 63
Exiles 64
Exiles 65
Exiles 66
Exiles 67
Exiles 68
Exiles 69
Exiles 70
Exiles 71
Exiles 72
Exiles 73
Exiles 74
Exiles 75
Exiles 76
Exiles 77
Exiles 78
Exiles 79
Exiles 80
Exiles 81
Exiles 82
Exiles 83
Exiles 84
Exiles 85
Exiles 86
Exiles 87
Exiles 88
Exiles 89
Exiles Annual
Exiles 90
Exiles 91
Exiles 92
Exiles 93
Exiles 94
Exiles 95
Exiles 96
Exiles 97
Exiles 98
Exiles 99
Exiles 100
Excalibur/Exiles crossover 5 issues
Exiles 2009 1
Exiles 2009 2
Exiles 2009 3
Exiles 2009 4

Other Comics
Uncanny X-Men 350
What If 77
Wizard Magazine 72
What If 79
X-Men 56
What If 81

The following three comics appearances are taken from wikipedia
Ultimate Marvel
In the Ultimate Marvel universe, a pink-skinned young girl with purple hair and a diamond in the center of the forehead is one of the mutants who appear on-screen as potential candidates for Emma Frost's mutant group. However, the President's dialogue ("No to the magnet girl and no to this one who looks like she crawled out from under something...") implies that she, the "one that looked like she crawled out from under something" (along with Polaris), was rejected. The two females chosen were Karma and Dazzler, "the one with the MTV hair". Later, Blink is mentioned as having participated in the premiere episode of a mutant-hunting game show run by Mojo Adams.

Dark Reign
When Hercules travels to the Underworld, Blink is among the dead characters seen in Erebus gambling for their resurrection.

During the Necrosha event, Blink is revealed alive and working with Selene along with mutants with death related powers who are part of Selene's new Inner Circle. It remains to be seen if she was re-animated by the use of the Technarch transmode virus, or not.

Trading Cards
Marvel Recharge 92 Exiles
Marvel Recharge2 92 Exiles
Marvel VS System promo

Heroclix (beginner, advanced, expert)
Most Wanted (AOA Blink)
Blink AOA Mini Bust $60
Classic Marvel collection Blink (UK)…

X-Men The Animated Series "Bloodties" (Non speaking Cameo) I did not even see this when I watch the episode and I have seen it more than once. Here is a screenshot I found on the web a long time ago and though someone had made it: LOOKING FOR THE LINK
Wolverine and the X-Men (follower of Magneto)

Video Games
X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalpyse (video game non playable character)








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agifarclor Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015   Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the request! :thanks:
CheeseburgerTom Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
I just wanted to say that I am a big Blink fan and think this is a cool group.  It was so great to see the group led by a rather innocent character, and that made the character development of her into a strong leader even better.
KJOtaku Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013
Checking my flixter app for upcoming movies and I noted the Xmen days of future past has an actor named Fan Bingbing is being cast as Blink.  Now as a Blink fan I know that this part will probably be tiny and they may even kill her after 30 of air time but I don't care.   She's getting movie time and I'll be cheering forher wwhen I see her!
DavisJes Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
kiss-lamia-lilith Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist
Thanks for the request of my Clarice Ferguson AKA Blink AOA :)
DavisJes Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
bassgeisha Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
Just submitted 3 deviations of Blink I had forgotten I had in my gallery *facepalm*
my original nick was blink which changed to Lady Blink and now I switch between LadyBlink and Bassgeisha hehe
AOA blink was my favorite!!!!
DavisJes Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
bassgeisha Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
I have GOT to dig through my notebooks/sketchbooks for my first rendition/pencil drawing of blink that I was finally happy with. I know it is hidden, not thrown out!!!
DavisJes Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
can't wait to see it
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